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Plan now to attend the Wranglers Roundup, Oct 30 - Nov 3, 2014.  Click HERE for discount parking coupon. Click on the poster for a printable copy.

2014 Roundup Schedule

SPRINK FLING - April 14-16,2014

2014 Spring Fling Schedule

Visitors are welcome, but the 30th Anniversary Roundup has been CANCELLED due to recent flooding.

2013 30th Anniversary Roundup Schedule

The Ranch 30th Anniversary Master Quilter's class March 20-23, 2013 has been CANCELLED due to illness of the instructor. We are sorry. We ARE having a 30th Anniversary Celebration March 22-24, 2013 featuring a Dinner Theater called "Our Town Ranch" on Saturday evening, March 23. Characters are Jim White, founder of Carlsbad Caverns, Sally Chisholm, Mrs (Tomato Factory wife), Sculptor of Artesia Bronzes, and Joe Peterson. This play written by Maureen Bigelow is based on real people whose lives shaped the history of The Ranch and this area. It's going to be a great weekend. Please plan to come and share in the fun - food - games - seminars and sharing memories. For more information call The Ranch office: 575-457-2303.

2013 30th Anniversary Schedule

2012 Wild, Wild West Roundup Information

2012 Ranch Roundup Flyer

MEMORIAL DAY 2004 (May 31, 2004)

Lynell Arnott provided the following narrative:  "Today at the Ranch we had a great picnic out under the trees. We had a throw-on bar-be-que and all sorts of other good stuff.  Jim and MaryLee Wissman had some silly games for us to play; we sang some patriotic songs and had a moment of silence in honor of the day and what it stands for. We also had ice cream and watermelon! It doesn't get much better than that.

There was quite a crowd of us, too - 50. Tomorrow another batch will drive out again, but there are still visitors rolling in, so those of us left won't be lonely.

Cowboy drove over for the day today. It was great to see him. Mickey's daughter and son-in-law are here readying her trailer for her return.  Unfortunately, Mickey is in the hospital - has been for 10 days, so keep her in your prayers and she loves cards and emails."

Memorial Day picnic (Photo by Carol Wessman)


We had about 80 folks at The Ranch Christmas dinner this year.  Darrell and Pat Mauck had at least 15 of their family arrive for Sloppy Joes on Christmas Eve, a family tradition, and then they joined us for a very pleasant meal prepared by Mike and Margie Klick.  Chicken Cordon Bleu or Ham along with Rice Pilaf and various dishes brought by the participants.  The Mauck Mob pitched in for cleanup along with the Ranch Hands.  

Darrell directing work in the scullery.

Take a look at a variety of photos of our Christmas dinner in the Scrapbook.

Robert is becoming a fine coffee maker!


Thanks to Sally Stribling, we have some photos of the Christmas Eve Dinner and snow at The Ranch.

Our New Big Screen TV and the Christmas Tree with gifts ready for exchanging on Christmas Eve


Quartet performance on Christmas Eve at The Ranch (L-R Dave Pierce a visitor, Jim Wissman, Bill Giffin, and Norm Partch)


Dinner on Christmas Eve


Dinner on Christmas Day


Snow on Christmas Eve 2004


The Fall Roundup is one of the major events at The Ranch.  Over 180 campers participated in the 2000 Roundup held from November 1-7.  Dinner was served each night and donuts/bagels and coffee were available each morning.  There were craft classes including Christmas Ornaments, Indian Maiden Dolls, Wire Angels, Painted Bird Houses and Quilt as You Go  Blocks along with a Watercolor Workshop.  


Tall Tales filled the Activity Center one evening when a Story Teller spoke and a Cowboy Poet visited to recite his original poetry. We had a raffle each night  and during the day, tours were offered such as Sitting Bull Falls, the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, Paddlewheel Boat on the Pecos River, and a Search for Pecos Diamonds!  

Blood Work

The Melodrama Those Wedding Bells Shall not Ring Out..or, The Bride Wore Green Chili Peppers was a great hit (Click on Scrapbook for more photos).  Blood testing and 55 Alive Defensive Driving Classes were offered along with a Health Fair presented by the Artesia Fire Chief.  Horse races and games were big hits.  All this and FREE MARGARITAS!

Melodrama Cast

The Cast of the Melodrama Those Wedding Bells Shall 
not Ring Out...or, The Bride Wore Green Chili Peppers


The 2001 Fall Roundup at The Ranch took place from November 1 to 4.  We had a variety of activities such as blood tests on the first day, crafts, a variety show As Good As It Gets?, raffles, games, and Charlene was our storyteller.  Tours included several of our favorite tours from last year, the Living Desert State Park and a Diamond Patch Tour.  Click here to view more photos from Round Up 2001 at The Ranch.

Round Up Flyer

Craft classes were offered in Needle Tatting, Plastic Canvas, and Raku Pottery.  Demonstrations included Spinning and Egg Craft.

Needle Tatting
Needle Tatting

Plastic Canvas
Plastic Canvas

Several vendors set up on the porch and the Too Crazy Ladies brought their badge workshop.

Craft Vendor

Porch Sitters

Too Crazy Ladies

Of course, there were meals!  The first night, we had a great Potluck Dinner followed by an equally fantastic Barbeque Rib Dinner the next night.  Hobo Stew and a Chili Cookoff followed on the next days.

Meal Planning
Important Meal Planning


If you weren't here in November for our annual Round-Up, you missed a good time and we missed seeing you (see photos by clicking here).  There were 139 of us here so we had room for a few more fun lovers.  Put us on you schedule for next year.

We all like winning something and many people did just that!  There were 78 door prizes given away - some from merchants in the area and some from leaseholders.  There were also 78 really nice raffle prizes donated.  We bought $607 worth of raffle tickets.  So thanks to all who took part, whether donating prizes and/or buying tickets.

There was $250 distributed in the cash raffle: $125 to the first place winner, Chris Parris; $62.50 to the second place winner, Sandy Singley; and #37.50 to the third place winner, Ede Troeckels.  $25 was given to The Ranch.

The health fair was fairly well attended with 48 flu shots given and 20 people had blood laboratory work done.  We were given really good prices for the various laboratory work offered.  The difference between laboratory actual cost and amount received is used to buy equipment and test equipment for community health fairs.  The workers volunteer their time here and at community events.

A speaker from a local funeral home was here in the afternoon with helpful information on being prepared for emergencies while on the road.  The major focus was the paperwork needed if your traveling partner dies while you are away from our home base.  There were 30-40 people taking part in a really good question and answer session.  David Huston was a fun speaker and enjoyed by all.

We had horse races and rubber ducky races, some crafty projects, tours to several area points of interest, lots of good food, and three evenings of entertainment.  Cowboy poetry evening on Friday presented by some of our Ranch Hands' talent.  We had a good time on Saturday night with country, western and southern gospel music by Chunky Click and the group, Christian Justice.  They came to use from Carlsbad.  Sunday night was the last big event of the week, the melodrama we had all looked forward to - "The Villain Wore a Dirty Shirt" or "Always Wear Your Longjohns 'Cause They Make a Lotta Cents."  Many of our talented leaseholders and visitors provided the entertainment.  Thanks to all who were part of providing all these good things.


The law enforcement personnel were great!  Sheriff Debra Simmonds-Amari headed up a great group consisting of three deputies and Judge Roy Bob.  Court was held several times with any number of law-breakers being brought to justice.  Fines were collected for a number of serious infractions, such as: wearing heats or guns at the table, spitting on walkways, or not wearing name badges.  The biggest  infraction of all was insulting the Sheriff!  Finally, on Sunday the Trail Boss and Ram Rod presented a petition signed by Round-Up participants to declare the position of Sheriff to be null and void until Round-Up 2003.

Next year, the plan is to celebrate our 20th birthday here at The Ranch.  Don't know yet what the plan is, but let us know if you were around in the early years or have been a leaseholder in the past.  How would you like to remember your time here or what would you share with others if you could?  Start making some plans to be here and be a part of the fun.  Check out the Escapees Magazine by summer and fall 2003 for developing plans.

SKP Hugs,
Leah Coley, Trail Boss
Cecy Neitz, Ram Rod

ROUNDUP 2003 and 20th BIRTHDAY

Check out the article about Roundup 2003 prepared by Gene Sharp.  If you were not there for The Ranch's 20th birthday and 2003 Roundup, you missed a great time.  Be sure to make it next year!


Each day at 4:30 pm we have a Happy Hour so that members and guests can get together to discuss matters of possible interest to the folks staying in the park.  There are morning exercises and nightly games in The Ranch House.  Craft classes are held several times a week.  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years dinners are a real hit!  Members and guests gather at The Ranch House frequently for jam sessions, to check out books and video tapes from our library, and to just visit.

The Genealogy Group meets every Monday at 1 pm in the Sun Room of The Ranch House.  Come join us!  If you want to know what is involved in tracing your family, we will tell you.  If you are a beginner, we will help you.  If you are at the where do I go now phase, we will give you suggestions.  If you are an expert, we hope you will give us some pointers to more easily do our work.  Come climb your family tree


What a beautiful day and the meal was wonderful.  We had 85 folks dine with us and we all ate our fill!  Trish Teegarden and her crew cooked the turkey and dressing for the entire meal and Karen Ogden took care of the arrangements.  They did a wonderful job.  Take a look at some photos from the meal in the Scrapbook.


War Dance

On Saturday, May 19, 2001, over two dozen Ranch Hands attended the Fifteenth annual celebration of the popular Friends of the Living Desert Mescal Roast and Mountain Spirit Dances.  We were treated to a dinner of Apache Beef, Hominy with Red Chili, Cole Slaw, Sliced Peaches, and Bread.  The feast was followed by an Apache War Dance and Spirit Dances.  Sunday morning the Mescal Pit was opened and the folks were treated to a taste of the Mescal (Agave) that had been roasting since the previous Thursday.  Be sure to meet us at The Ranch next year for the next Mescal Roast.

Child Dancing  Dancer


We celebrated Cinco de May on May 5th (of course!).  Take a look at Gil Freeman's photos from the potluck dinner.  Click on the small, thumbnail photograph below to enlarge then use your back button to return.

DCP_0847.JPG (17983 bytes) DCP_0826.JPG (18055 bytes) DCP_0827.JPG (18173 bytes)
DCP_0831.JPG (20127 bytes) DCP_0833.JPG (18429 bytes) DCP_0835.JPG (19785 bytes)
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DCP_0838.JPG (16203 bytes)


We are all very proud of Judy Loy for completing her Associate of Arts degree at New Mexico State University at Carlsbad.  Take a look at some of her Commencement photos by clicking here.


Carol Wessman sent us a couple of photos of the well drilling behind Lot 102.


The North Seven Rivers runs along the western border of The Ranch.  Take a look at the photo below to get an idea of the quality of our fishing!  Such smiles could only mean a good catch.

North Seven Rivers

Actually, the North Seven Rivers only flows during heavy rainfall periods; however, fishing is good at nearby Brantley Lake.


Ann Nechetzsky and Pat Dolan of Lot 23 test their kayak with Commodore Carl Johnson instructing while other leaseholders help but carefully watching.


According to the Carlsbad Community Theatre "A world of entertainment!  From its first production The Curious Savage to its latest presentation Big River, Carlsbad Community Theatre has entertained the community for 40 years with at least 4 plays each season and 25 summer Broadway musicals.  Talented troupes of local players have trod the boards from early performances at the Elks and Woman's Club to our present location on the National Parks Highway.  Theater is as varied as the actors who perform and the audiences who applaud.  Our 40th season offers an eclectic choice of plays to entertain and enlighten, continuing our purpose and tradition!  Come help us celebrate!"

Suggestion - Purchase a season ticket (4 tickets) for $25 then use them for a couple to enter for two performances.  You save $3 for the 4 tickets.


"Passengers aboard one of three cruising boats enjoy a tranquil 50 minutes, floating past scenic waterfront properties imaginatively decorated to delight, amuse and express individual interpretations of the season's meaning."  There are 12 tours nightly up the Pecos River from the Pecos River Village starting Thanksgiving and continuing through New Year's Eve (no cruises on Christmas Eve).  The cruises take about 50 minutes.  Adult tickets are $7.00 (13 yrs and over), children $5.00 (4 to 12 yrs), and younger children are free.

Check out the Christmas on the Pecos Website.


The towns of Artesia, Carlsbad, and Roswell are nearby, offering a variety of activities.  Click on the buttons below to visit the Websites of these towns that include calendars of events, listings of services, and other information




Carlsbad Caverns


Lake Brantley Living Desert Guadalupe

Southern New Mexico


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