Happenings around The Ranch

Daily Activities

Ladies, come join us every Tuesday for breakfast.  We meet up at 8:15 at the Ranch house and we pull out at 8:30.
Men's coffee and doughnuts on Tuesday mornings at 8:30 in the Ranch house.

12:30 Bowling, meet at the Ranch house and share a ride or we meet at Artesia Lanes Bowling Alley at 1:00 pm.


Gentlemen, come join us every Thursday for breakfast.  We meet up at 8:15 at the Ranch house and we pull out at 8:30.
"Men eating without supervision" = MEWS
Ladies we meet again for coffee on Friday mornings at 10:00.


Monday - Thursday evenings at 7:00. Come on up to the Ranch house for an assortment of games.
Wednesday night is BINGO, 3 cards for $1.00.
Friday afternoons at 2:00 we get together for Pokeno. 

Monthly Calendar

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below you will find additions made to the calendar and events.

March Calendar (pdf)


Events/Additions to the Calendar

Highlights of the Week

March 22nd
10:00 Crafts

March 23rd
11:00 Ranch Hands meeting.

This meeting is to prepare our monthly calendar for  April, everyone is welcomed.

March 24th
Pre - 35th Anniversary Group Photo
Please wear your shirts.

7:00 Movie Night free popcorn
The Long, Long Trailer 

 Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz

March 25th
11:00 Pool Tournament

35th Anniversary of The Ranch

March 23, 1983 was a great day, the deed for the land to build the second SKP RV Park was received.  Joe and Kay Peterson and the assembled work crew could start construction on the park that, with a lot of hard work, would become our home.

It is with great pride that we invite current leaseholders, guest and friends to celebrate the 35th anniversary of The Ranch on Wednesday, March 28, 208 at 3:30 PM.  Marilyn and Bob Railey, currently our longest term lease holders, will be presenting a history of our home with photos, commentary and videos of events over the past 35 years.  We will also have a movie, "Ways We Live - Exploring Community on the Road".  Part of the movie was filmed here in the early days of The Ranch, when full-time RVing was a different way to live.  

We will be celebrating the 35th anniversary of The Ranch with cake and ice cream.  Those who have birthday or anniversaries during the month of March will also be recognized.  Please join us! 

Semi-Annual Business Meeting for Leaseholders Only

Wednesday April 4, 2018 10:00 am Leaseholder's in the park, please pick up your packet in the mail slot located in The Ranch house.   All other packets have been mailed out.  If you are unable to attend, you should appoint someone to be your Proxy to vote for you on matters presented.  All proxies must be returned to The Ranch by 5:00 pm on April 3, 2018.  It is important that you take an active part in your Co-op, either in person or by proxy. 

Dilly Dilly  ( Origin; Late 19th century (as an adjective in the sense ‘delightful’) (Frame of mind, enjoyable event)