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Reverse Osmosis Water is now available throughout the park.
We now have "the best water" in the system.

The highlighted lots below are currently available for lease.
Rental lots are also available.
Check with the office staff for more information.

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Lot 2 Lot 3 Lot 4 Lot 5 Lot 6 Lot 7 Lot 8 Lot 9 Lot 10 Lot 11 Lot 12 Lot 13 Lot 14 Lot 15 Lot 16 Lot 17 Lot 18 Lot 19 Lot 20 Lot 21 Lot 22 Lot 23 Lot 24 Lot 25 Lot 26 Lot 27 Lot 28 Lot 29 Lot 30 Lot 31 Lot 32 Lot 33 Lot 34 Lot 36 Lot 37 Lot 38 Lot 39 Lot 40 Lot 41 Lot 42 Lot 43 Lot 44 Lot 45 Lot 46 Lot 47 Lot 48 Lot 49 Lot 50 Lot 51 Lot 52 Lot 53 Lot 54 Lot 55 Lot 56 Lot 57 Lot 58 Lot 59 Lot 60 Lot 61 Lot 62 Lot 63 Lot 64 Lot 65 Lot 66 Lot 67 Lot 68 Lot 69 Lot 70 Lot 71 Lot 72 Lot 73 Lot 74 Lot 75 Lot 76 Lot 77 Lot 78 Lot 79 Lot 80 Lot 81 Lot 82 Lot 83 Lot 84 Lot 85 Lot 86 Lot 87 Lot 88 Lot 89 Lot 90 Lot 91 Lot 92 Lot 94 Lot 95 Lot 96 Lot 97 Lot 98 Lot 99 Lot 100 Lot 102 Lot 103 Lot 104 Lot 105 Lot 106 Lot 107 Lot 108 Lot 109 Lot 110 Lot 111 Lot 112 Lot 113 Lot 114 Lot 115 Lot 116 Lot 117 Lot 118 Lot 119 Lot 120 Manager's Office Ranch House Manager's Office Office & Manager's Site


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The Ranch has 120 RV sites with full-hookups and free Wi-FI as
shown in the above layout plan. Only self-contained RVs are allowed.

LOT RENTAL RATES (Cash or Check Only)
(Effective 1/1/2017)

Daily $20.00 (includes electricity & taxes)
Weekly $125.00 (includes electricity & taxes)
Monthly $350.00 plus electricity
Dry Camp $5.00 plus tax
14 day Dry Camp Limit
Dump & Water Dump station and water available



Office hours: 8 am - 12 pm, 1 pm - 5 pm Mon - Fri, closed major holidays
Speed limit: 10 mph
WI-FI: Available throughout the park
Bulletin Board: In front of Laundry.  Points of interest, radio stations, distances from "The Ranch" and other information available.
Churches: All denominations in Carlsbad and Artesia.
Post Office:  We are almost the sole support of our Post Office in Lakewood (zip 88254).  Turn left on Lakewood Road (Co. 31)
  and proceed across the railroad tracks.  The Post Office is at the end of the road on the left.
Mail: May be sent to you c/o General Delivery, Lakewood, NM 88254.
Trash: Dumpsters are on the north side of The Ranch House.
Snacks: The refrigerator in the kitchen is filled with snack items.  Prices are posted.
Water: Our water is naturally very hard. With the addition of the RO system, Reverse Osmosis Water is now available throughout the park.
   We now have "the best water" in the system.
Laundry: Laundry room is located behind office.
Sunroom: In the sunroom at the south end of The Ranch House, there are puzzles, crafts, and a flea market table
  as well as information on the surrounding areas.
Library and Video Tapes:  We have a library and DVD/CD collection in The Ranch House.  Please sign videos out and back in again. Enjoy!
Fence: The fence surrounding The Ranch is electrified to keep out the cattle, so watch out...it bites.
Recycling: Black bins for paper and corrugated card board ONLY on the north side of the Ranch House next to tree.
  Aluminum can crusher located behind the brown fence next to the dumpster by the laundry.
Smoking: No smoking permitted in Co-op Buildings.
Children: Please keep children under supervision at all times.  No one under 18 is permitted in The Ranch House without an adult.
Pets: Keep pets on a leash AT ALL TIMES. PICK-UP AFTER YOUR PETS. Walking area is outside of the park area. 
Sewer Hook-Up: Sewer donut is required for connections.  They may be purchased at the office.
Holding Tanks: Formaldehyde cannot be used in our septic system.
Emergency: Park horn will sound. Test on first Wednesday at noon.
Severe Weather:  In case of severe weather a warning horn will sound in the park.  Take shelter in The Ranch House
  or in the arroyo at the west end of the park.
Generators: May be used from 7 am to 8 pm only, in boondock area.
Air Hose: Located on the east side of Ranch Road in front of The Ranch House.
Courtesy: Shortcuts are not to be taken through occupied lots.  Pathways are for pedestrian traffic only.  No vehicles or bikes.
Leaving: Always exit to the left of your site when leaving with your rigs.
Ringing Bell: When the bell rings, you are invited to greet new arrivals with a big SKP hug.

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SKP Co-op Retreat of New Mexico, Inc.
P.O. Box 109
Lakewood, New Mexico 88254
Phone 575-457-2303 & FAX 575-457-2100
email: skpranch@pvtn.net