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Shrubs are generally small woody plants and have several trunks or stems.  Some trees may appear to be shrubs under severe environmental conditions.  Be sure to check out both the tree and shrub pages when looking for a species.

Dick-Peddie provided a listing of the major plants comprising the Desert Grassland in New Mexico, the portion of southeastern New Mexico where The Ranch is located.  The following checklist of Shrubs were presented by Dick-Peddie as part of the major plants (* = diagnostic plant) of the Desert Grasslands.  Introduced species have been added to this list as they have been found near The Ranch.  We have tried to avoid Shrubs that are know to occur only in the Guadalupe Mountains within Eddy County.


Acacia angustissima - Fern Acacia

Acacia constrica - White Thorn

*Acacia neovernicosa - Viscid Acacia

Acacia roemeriana - Roemer Acacia

*Aloysia wrightii - Spicebush or High-Mass

Amphora fruticosa - Indigobush

Artemisia bigelovii - Bigelow Sage Brush

Artemisia frigida - Estafiata

Artemisia tridentata - Big Sage Brush

Atriplex canescens - Fourwing Saltbush

Atriplex confertifolia - Scad Scale

Artiplex obovata - ?

Baccharis emroyi - Emory Baccharis

Baccharis glutinosa - Seepwillow Baccharis

*Baccharis pterinoides - Yerba de Pasmo

Berberis trifoliolata - Algerita

Berberis haematocarpa - Red Mahonia.

Berberis repens - Creeping Mahonia.

*Calliandra eriophylla - False Mesquite

Ceratoides lanata - Winter Fat

Chrysothamnus greenei - Green's Rabbitbush

Condalia lycioides - Southwestern Condalia or Greythorn

Condalia obtusifolia - Lotewood Condalia

Condalia spathulata - Knifeleaf Condalia

*Dalea formosa - Feather Pea Bush

Ephedra antisyphilitica - Erect Joint Fir or Ephedra

Ephedra nevadensis - Rough Ephedra

Ephedra torreyana - Torrey Joint Fir or Mormon Tea

*Ephedra trifurca - Longleaf or Desert Joint Fir

Ephedra viridis - Mormon Tea

Ericameria laricifolia - Turpentine Bush

*Eupatorium wrightii - Spreading Thorough Wort

Fallugia paradoxa - Apache Plume

Fendlera rupicola - Cliff Fendlerbush

Flourensia cernua - Tar Bush

Forsellesia spinescens - Spiny Grease-Bush

Fouquieria splendens - Ocotillo

*Gutierrezia microcephalum - ?

*Gutierrezia sarothrae - Broom Snake Weed


Gymnosperma glutinosus - Tatalencho

Haplopappus tenuisecta - Burro Weed

*Isocoma wrightii - Jimmy Weed

Koeberlinia spinosa - Allthorn or Crucifixion-Thorn.  This plant has abundant thorns and is generally found leafless.  The greenish-white flowers grow as clusters and turn black as small (about 1/4") fruits.  The plant is rarely over 5' in height but the stem can be up to 5" in diameter.

Krameria glutinosa - Range Ratany

Larrea tridentata - Creosote Bush

Lycium pallidum - Pale Wolf Berry

*Menodora scabra - Rought Menodora

*Microrhamnus ericoides - Javalina Bush

Javalina Bush

Mimosa biuncifera - Catclaw Mimosa

Mimosa borealis - Fragrant Mimosa

Mimosa warnockii - Warnock Mimosa

*Mimosa dysocarpa - Gatuno

*Parthenium icanum - Mariola

Physocarpus monogynus - Mountain Ninebark

Prosopis glandulosa - Honey Mesquite

Prosopis pubescens - Screwbean Mesquite

Screwbean Mesquite

*Rhus choriophylla - Mearn's Sumac

Rhus copallina - Prairie Flame-Leaf Sumac

Rhus glabra - Smooth Sumac

Rhus microphylla - Littleleaf Sumac

Rhus virens - Evergreen Sumac

*Senecio longiloba - Wooly Groundsel

Shepherdia argentea - Silver Buffalo Berry

Shepherdia canadensis - Russet Buffalo Berry

Symphoricarpos longiflorus - Western Snowberry

Ungnadia speciosa - Mexican Buckeye

*Zizyphus obtusifolia - Gray Thorn


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