Happenings around The Ranch

Weekly Activities

Ladies, come join us every Tuesday for breakfast.  We meet up at 8:15 at the Ranch house and we pull out at 8:30.
Men's coffee and doughnuts on Tuesday mornings at 8:30 in the Ranch house.


Gentlemen, come join us every Thursday for breakfast.  We meet up at 8:15 at the Ranch house and we pull out at 8:30.
"Men eating without supervision" = MEWS
Ladies we meet again for coffee on Friday mornings at 10:00.


Monday - Thursday evenings at 7:00. Come on up to the Ranch house for an assortment of games.
Wednesday night is BINGO, 3 cards for $1.00. 

Sunday 12:30 *Mahjong*  at the Ranch house!
Sunday 1:00 *Shooting Pool* at the Ranch house, please bring some munchies to share!

Events/Additions to the Calendar

Saturday, December 8th

7:00 Movie Night 

Come join us in the Ranch House.

Popcorn will be provided.

Monday, December 10th 

Christmas on the Pecos 

We will be leaving right after Happy Hour , please see sign up sheet in the Ranch House. Cost is $ 10.00.

Wednesday, December 12th 

10:00 Town Hall Meeting 

All is Welcomed

1:00 Ranch Desert Sunset Painting Class 

Hosted by Janice Lot #94 who is visiting the Ranch. Everything will be provided for a small charge of $5.00 or less.
Everyone is welcomed to join us or stop by to observe. Wear your painting clothes!

Thursday, December 13th 

11:00 Open Board Meeting 

Leaseholders only please 

12:30 Cooking Class with Anna

Demonstration of the Instant Pot 

will be unstuffed green peppers and unstuffed cabbage rolls, please bring 2 small bowls for tasting, the cost will be $2.00.
Please see sign up sheet located on the round table in the Ranch House. 

Friday, December 14th 

10:00 Christmas Cookie Exchange 

Please bring 3 dozen of cookies 

Ladies Coffee 

Sunday, December 16th 

2:00 Ladies Christmas Tea
Celebration of Donna Smeall's
60th Birthday 


December Calendar

Please click the download button below to view ourDecember calendar ,

 if you are in the park and want a printed copy 

they are located in the office or Ranch House. 

December calendar (pdf)


Dilly Dilly  ( Origin; Late 19th century (as an adjective in the sense ‘delightful’) (Frame of mind, enjoyable event)