Non- Leaseholder Regulations



We want to welcome you to The Ranch and hope you enjoy your stay in the beautiful Southwest.

To make our park better for you and our residents, we have
established some guest rules to follow while you are with us.


  1. Self contained RV's only
    No showers on site
  2. One  self-contained RV per lot shall be allowed.  A second RV may be brought on the lot for loading/unloading for a period not to exceed (7) days.  For purposes of this rule, a self contained slide-in-camper, on or off the truck, will be considered an RV.
    Two passenger vehicles ( car/truck ) that are licensed and in running conditions shall be allowed.  A visitor's car or truck may be parked if space is available.  Parking on other lots is not allowed.  Extra vehicles must park at the Ranch House or storage area.  
  3. Utility trailers, unattached slide-in campers, unattached pick-up shells, boats, trailers, other RV's, and all other extra vehicles shall be stored in designated storage area. 
  4.  The lot you are staying on belongs to one of our leaseholders.  Please respect their property and do not attempt to enter the buildings or store any items on their porch or patio. 
  5. Ground fires are NOT allowed. 
  6. Please remember to exit to the left when leaving the lot with your rig. 
  7. Please observe the 10 mph speed limit.  Stop at the cattle guard before entering or leaving the Ranch property.  
  8. Before washing any vehicle/rig, the owner must obtain, and adhere to, the current guidelines for the office. 

  • Pets must be on an owner controlled leash at all times.  Please clean up after them and deposit waste in dumpsters.  No animals except assistance animals are allowed in any of the park buildings tag any time, therapy dogs not allowed.  Pets may be walked on the roads or in our Pet Play area.  


11. Generator hours are from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.  Park quiet hours are 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. 

12. Wheeled vehicles are not allowed on the footpaths or dikes.  For traffic and pets are not allowed on dikes around the Ranch, except for those doing maintenance work. 

13. Major mechanical repairs on vehicles are not allowed. 

14. Children must be under the supervision of an adult at all times.  Children may visit the Ranch as a guest for up to 30 days per year, or for a set period of time as determined by the Board of Directors.  

15. Smoking is not allowed in any of the park building, including the laundry.  Pick up your butts!

16. Because of liability issues, non-leaseholders are not allowed to use the woodworking and metal shops.

17. Length of stay is determined by the BOD.  New Escapees Members less than 6 months may stay 14 days.  Others 30 days.  To extend this stay, please make a request in writing not less than 3 days in advance.  Boondock camping is permitted for 28 days in a calendar year, with 30 days out of the boondock area after any 14 days.  

18. Before utilizing the laundry facilities, please sign up for a time on the sign-up calendar located in the laundry room. 

19. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our managers.  They will be glad to assist you. 

GD110 Approved 04-07-2010,
last changed 04-05-2017.