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 There’s a lot to see in the night sky here at The Ranch.  
The moon, planets, star clusters, Milky Way and shooting stars. You will be mesmerized by the spectacular heavenly brilliance of the number of Stars which soar above your RV almost every night of the year.



The Ranch is in a high desert setting amid agricultural operations, near the foothills of the Guadalupe Mountains.  We are 16 miles south of Artesia, 22 miles north of Carlsbad and 55 miles south of Roswell.
Artesia Chamber of Commerce  

Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce

Roswell Camber of Commerce



Cloudcroft, NM- 9,000 ft elevation
Travel just a few shorts hours, to a unique mountain community which combines the amenities of modern life with the heritage of a pioneer village, which dates back 110 years ago.  

Ruidoso, NM- 7,000 ft elevation
Ruidoso is a village set in the Sierra Blanca mountain range. There is a nearby Ski Apache resort, Inn of the Mountain Gods which includes casino, hotel and golf coarse.  
Ruidoso Downs Race Track features summer horse races.
To the southwest, Lincoln National Forest has trails and waterfalls.  Northeast of the village, Lincoln Historic Site has 19th-century adobe and stone buildings, including a store and church, plus a museum.
Billy The Kid National Scenic Byway, Smokey Bear
Discover Ruidoso.

Soar the Skies, Albuquerque the hot air ballooning capital of the world. Balloons dot clear blue skies throughout the year, revealing a myriad of colors.  After the sun goes down, Albuquerque is bathed in the glow of neon signs, relics of the city's role along historic Route 66