Becoming a Leaseholder



The Ranch SKP Park is one of Escapees, Inc.’s Co-Op parks, it is run by the members themselves, through several standing committees,  9-member Board of Directors and Parliamentarian. We are all volunteers and all members are encouraged to contribute their share of time and talent to The Ranch.  

Depending on your knowledge, abilities and skills, there is a niche for everyone.    

New members are encouraged to participate in all the social and fun activities, as well as the work, so that they can quickly become acquainted with their fellow leaseholders and share the warmth and friendship of The Ranch.     

Additionally, we have an office manager who is a paid employee and who is responsible for the day-to-day business functions of the park. 


 The Ranch  is a cooperative RV community consisting of travelers who enjoy sharing their experiences and caring for fellow travelers along the way. We offer leaseholds for qualified Escapee members, which allows you to come and go as you please from your own leased lot. Some stay year round -- others make our park a seasonal destination along their travel route.   

SKP Ranch Board of Directors/ Members


President: John Livesay
Vice President: Dick Montgomery
Secretary: Anna Altman
Treasurer: Rob Levin

Parliamentarian: Robert Handel


Lucy Billings
Rex Bristol

Judy Fagan 

Steve Pardee 

Krystal Patterson

Lots available

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By-Laws (docx)


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