Celebrating 35 years

Head 'em Up Meetings

Howdy Partner come on and join in on the fun planning
Our 35th Anniversary Round-Up!
Ranch Master for 2018
Michael Mc Cray Lot 64 

Meeting Dates
October 15th Monday
Time 11:00
Ranch House

Raffle/Yard Sale/Entertainment

Would you like to make a specialty basket, bucket to donate to our Raffle?  Do you have a special talent of painting, jewelry making, quilting or wood carving

and want to donate for Our 35th Round-Up?

 Please contact Netti Haase on Lot # 95

Yard Sale
It's time to clean out and bless someone else here at The Ranch with stuff you  either you may not use or bought and never use.  If you would like to be added to Our Yard Sale map so others can walk around, Please contact Netti Haase on Lot #95


Our MC for the Night of Skits will be Marilyn Railey on Lot #30

Would you like to help out with a skit? Decorate the stage?

Horse Races we need volunteers, watch out it is loads of fun!
Please contact Mr. Phil on Lot #98 or at Happy Hour. 



Wine & Bourbon Tasting


Pool Tournament, Darts, Horseshoe Tournament, Target Shooting, Blind Cart Race, Horse Races

Potluck: want to help serve, clean up, manage a great food event?  Something for everyone here at The Original Ranch!

Lunch Time
We have some generous Ranch Hands who will be hosting lunch, please check the sign-in sheets for food prep, cooking, cleaning, serving located in the Ranch House on the round table.

** Looking for donations for our daily 50/50 raffle,
during Happy Hour **
Please contact Our Ranch Master, Mike McCray Lot #64

Pet Parade